Grimes has shared the third track to be taken from her forthcoming Art Angels album. First we had the video for 'Flesh Without Blood/Live in the Vivid Dream', then we had the Aristophanes-featuring 'SCREAM'.

Now we have 'laughing and not being normal', which you can only watch (for now) via the dedicated Art Angels page on Grimes' site. The song, which I believe is the album's opener, is accompanied by a fuzzy black and white sort-of-a-video with the words "OVERTURE" emblazoned on it - a reference to the the piece of instrumental music that precedes the main events of an opera. An intro, of sorts, and it certainly sounds like it, with Grimes coming in over halfway through with some fluttering vocals.

Grimes has created unique artwork for every single track on the album, too - you can check that out on her Tumblr.

Listen to 'laughing and not being normal' here.