You'd be forgiven for thinking that production duo The Code have arrived straight out of the 6 when you listen to their critically acclaimed 1/11 EP or new release 'Electronica' but in actual fact, they're coming straight out of the UK. Their unique blend of woozy, atmospheric R&B-meets-hip-hop-meets-trap has earned them a solid fan base which includes lyricist G-Easy and singer/songwriter Kaleem Taylor; both of whom appeared on the 1/11 EP, released last September.

On 'Electronica' however - which was first previewed by the Soulection camp on their Beats1 radio show - things turn a little darker and a little more moody. While it takes influences from its namesake's genre, it's not quite EDM as you know it. "Unlike electronic dance music (EDM), not all examples of electronica are necessarily made for dancing," The Code said to The FADER. "The genre is loosely defined and has different connotations in different regions and time periods." A new mixtape is expected to be released later this year.