Nicolas Jaar played a 45 minute DJ set at New York's Boiler Room - a night also featuring DJ sets from artists at his own label Clown & Sunset. Put it this way, if you ever have 45 minutes to kill, this is definitely worth your time. It's full of mood swings, taking 10 minutes to settle before you hear the funky lyricism, "Get down low, all the way to floor" - 'Cha Cha Slide' anyone?

Gradually, it becomes a big dance track, with tizzy-sparking sythns and a massive energy, quite alike to Jaae's previous releases. Everything becomes a bit chilled, as if Jaar slows for breath, before it erupts back at life with a buzzy bass, dirty beats and a voice sounding like it’s constantly on rewind. A post-dubstep groove winds down his first set in the Boiler Room, judging from this performance, it will not be his last either.