With only about a week to go before the release of the new, heavily anticipated Nine Inch Nails album Hesitation Marks, the band has released a small promo for the LP.

In the teaser, which lasts barely one minute, several displays of album art are strewn across the screen with the minimalist album opener 'Eater Of Dreams' playing the backdrop. The art was created by Russell Mills, who also designed the art for the band's seminal 1994 LP The Downward Spiral, with layouts and photography done by Rob Sheridan.

Fans who have been less than keen on Nine Inch Nails recent, poppier-than-expected single 'Everything' will note the contrasting, ominous tone of 'Eater Of Dreams' to be more in the ilk of the classic Nine Inch Nails aesthetic, easing tensions a bit.

Additionally, thanks to iTunes, you can now listen to the album in its entirety ahead of its release on September 3rd via Columbia records (it might only be available to our U.S. readers).

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