No Age are streaming a new track, 'An Impression' ahead of the release of their new album, An Object out on Sub Pop next month.

The modest track embodies a docile, low-fi tone with a simple chord progression and hazy vocals. The LA-based noise-rock duo will follow up their 2010's Everything in Between on 19th August (UK) and 20th August (US).

  • 1. No Ground
  • 2. I Won't Be Your Generator
  • 3. C'mon Stimmung
  • 4. Defector/ed
  • 5. An Impression
  • 6. Lock Box
  • 7. Running From A-Go-Go
  • 8. My Hands, Birch and Steel
  • 9. Circling With Dizzy
  • 10. A Ceiling Dreams of a Floor
  • 11. Commerce, Comment, Commence