Noonie Bao's new track 'Pyrmaids' channels the energy and zany colourfulness of Luc Besson's sci-fi The Fifth Element – that's certainly something we can get on board with.

In a press release, Bao herself said:

"I sat at home and watched the classic The Fifth Element, which is one of my favorite movies. When I was feeling a little bit down I was inspired by one of the fighting scenes in which the main character Leeloo overcomes a bunch of monsters. I wrote this song as a soundtrack to the scene and as a song for myself and everyone else that has ever been down but wants to get up again."

The rising dynamics, unstoppable groove, powerfully soaring vocals and crashing synth sounds definitely capture that feeling of getting up every time you fall; listen below.

'Pyramids' is out on 13th September via Universal.