It was about a year ago that the San Francisco based sextet NRVS LVRS began their musical journey, and it's a year later that the fruits of their labor are finally being seen. That comes in the form of their debut single 'City Lights', which glistens every bit as bright as the lights on their hometown's famed Golden Gate Bridge. It's a refreshing take on the synth-dripping, 80's reminiscent pop that seems to be all the rage, favoring Feist or Broken Social Scene instead of CHVRCHES or Passion Pit. The band's Andrew Gomez has shared his thoughts on the song in a press release:

“I listened to the demo of this song while staring at the city from my apartment building's rooftop, and it's the perfect soundtrack for when you're pensively staring at the city lights and start feeling like an insignificant speck in the face of a tidal wave of change. It's my own projection, but it does a great job of articulating my own fears about losing my little niche in this town.”

'City Lights' is pulled from their debut album Golden West, out later this spring on 16 March via Hz Castle Records.

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