Virgina-born Ohbliv has to be one of the most fascinating up and coming producers on the scene right now. The dude has an idiosyncratic sound and style he's managed to create all for himself with soulful hip-hop instrumental production clearly influenced by funk music of the 70s and 80s that he came into contact with when immersing himself into his father's extensive record collection. Ohbliv, aka Brad O, took cognizance of the fact, just like many of us did when going through musical puberty, that many of our favourite tracks were impacted by or sampled music from the past.

Ohbliv recently dropped a track he recorded in 2010 'Eye' on his Soundcloud and it sounds like he's paying homage to that exact fact. Upon listening to the first few seconds of the third eye titled jam, it sounds like a typical soul song which actually made my 50-year-old mother get up and start dancing after shouting "This is what me and your dad use to dance to in 80s." Ohbliv hits all of the stereotypical nails on the head with this track including trumpets, smooth sexy beats and Marvin Gaye-esq vocals. An unexpected contemporary layer then kicks in that confuses my mother and thankfully returns her to her chair. The 28 second mark is when the track changes from something pretty straight forward to an alluring music hybrid that can only be described as Soul-Hop. Ohbliv manages to modernize and antiquate hip-hop at the same and it is undoubtedly a beautiful three and half minute contradiction that amplifies the VA producer's skills to those of you who didn't take notice before.

According to his Twitter, the talented musician is planning to release an album soon and if 'Eye' is anything to go by it's going to be pretty special.

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