Both Jon Hopkins' recent album, the phenomenal Immunity, and James Blake's Overgrown, managed to get themselves nominated for the Mercury Music Prize, the latter even winning it. It's proof enough that, at the minute, we're loving moody electronic tunes. Oliver Tank's new EP, Slow Motion Music, sits among those albums as some great music to bring you into the winter months.

Tank is almost the polar opposite of his Australian brethren, Flume. Both are around the same age (pretty young although, seeing as nearly all great pop stars are getting younger, probably not that young) and use similar techniques but are decidedly different. If Flume is the life of the party, necking on with people in the club and downing as many shots with your mates as you can, Oliver Tank is the walk home at 4am, drunkenly thinking about everything as the birds start to twitter and the cold morning air sends a chill through you because, really, why would you bring a coat to the club?

With Bon Iver style vocals and sparse brass sections akin to what Justin Vernon used on the self-titled album featured on 'Time Slows Down When You Walk In The Room' and shades of Orlando Weeks' more subdued vocals as featured on The Maccabees' Given To The Wild cropping up on opening track 'Stay', yet with a lot of his own unique flourishes throughout, there's a lot to like here. If you're imagining what an entirely electronic focuses Bon Iver might sound like, which we saw hints of on that self-titled album, then you're in for a treat because Oliver Tank provides that for you and is something you'll definitely find on repeat as you wrap up warm to avoid the oncoming winter chill.