Bubbling over with summer vibes comes this track by the enigmatic Jr. Sea, a new artist who has somewhat fashionably decided to remain anonymous for the time being.

Its title, 'Out of Body Auto Reply', doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, however there's nothing awkward about the cool Afro beat and underwatery vocals. Upbeat, echoey and loads of fun, it draws comparisons to Animal Collective on one of their more cheerful albums, or Vampire Weekend when they were still quirky.

Whether the brilliance of the track is owed solely to the shimmering production and musical talent of mystery man J.R.C himself, or is thanks to input from Trangressive Producer, Tarek Musa, who knows. Known for his work in band Spring King and with rising talent Eye Emma Jedi, Tarek's involvement is sure to draw some interest. Either way, this is a tune that's as fresh as they come and works as a great introduction for a new artist who seems intent on revealing as little about himself (or herself) as is possible.

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