After soaking yourself in the exploded diagram of electronic folk that is 'Book Your Skin' by POST LOUIS, why not dip your face into the cold water of the remix of this song by Pale Twins? Ok, self soaking and face dipping aside, this is music from a London-dwelling band you might know through one of its members, ex-Cajun Dance Party person Robbie Stern, remixed and premiered here for your enjoyment. It arrives in between the almost-a-year-old and widely enjoyed This Could Be A Bridge EP and their next EP, Uptight, from which 'Book Your Skin' is taken.

The concrete room reverb of the fresh lightly delayed clicks and echoing drumstick taps is one reason why this remix is so good. Another is the ambient synth painting its biomechanical engine sound, and the cyclonic decaying glitch bleeps. The song as a whole puts cucumber on the eyes of the original, smears it with exfoliating lilac-and-lavender-fragranced mud, reinvigorates its spirit with a deep spell of R&R. The structure and dynamics are also impressive – case in point: singer Stephanie Davin's angelic voice floating in before the bristling percussion and rich sounds in the track's final quarter. Tell me that ain't beautiful.

Phew. Anyway, it's taken from the Uptight EP, due for release on 6th October of this year. You can pre-order that here. For an idea of what it might sound like, check out the experimental lead track from the EP, 'Fragility'.