After five years of working on various independent projects, trio Sophie-Rose, Anna, and Kristy - better known as Paradisia - have begun recording their first work as a unit, which includes a very unique cover of Bruce Springsteen's seminal hit 'Dancing In The Dark'.

Completely toned down, Paradisia's version comes with a hint of folk and muted psychedelia, paired with orchestration, harps, and wrenching vocal performances.

"We've always loved Bruce's songs and that's something we all share," explains the band in an email to The 405. "'Dancing in the Dark' is one our favorites from Bruce's collection, by slowing it down this was our way of bringing attention to the lyrics, so we wanted to show the beauty and sadness of them with our own interpretation."

Listen to 'Dancing In The Dark' below and look out for new music from the trio soon.