Paris Radio are new. So new, in fact, that we're bringing you the premiere of their first ever single 'My Flesh', and what a debut it is. A glittering synth-pop track reminiscent of Years & Years or Zibra (the latter of the two helped him out on the track), and it's clear that there's some 80's influence with its massive electronic sounds and overall sense of fun. They're steadily gaining interest in their native Los Angeles, garnering plays on local tastemaker radio station Alt 98.7 and having local blogs write them up as well, and you can listen to the song for yourself below.

Anthony "ToeKnee" Aguiar was lovely enough to answer a couple questions for us about his new song and his time in music.

How long have you been in music for? I've been playing in bands since I was a teen it's been my love and passion ever since I can remember.

What was your inspiration / your mindset while you were creating 'My Flesh'? "When I was writing My Flesh I was thinking back on past memories that even though they were painful to look back on I still didn't want to forget them. Especially the people that I have loved and am no longer in control whether they love me back. I didn't ever want to forget that moment when I cared for someone so much."

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