"It is useless to argue that Sunbathing Animal, much like its predecessor, is fiercely innovative. Instead, it is blissfully upfront and honest about the touchstones that it pays tribute to and, despite its apparent lack of originality, bubbles with the exhilarating, flailing spirit that can simply not be taught."

That's what we thought of Parquet Courts's new album, but what do you think? Listen to it below courtesy of NPR and let us know in the comments section. The album is released on June 2nd via Rough Trade.

  • Tracklisting:
  • 1. Bodies
  • 2. Black and White
  • 3. Dear Ramona
  • 4. What Color Is Blood
  • 5. Vienna II
  • 6. Always Back In Town
  • 7. She’s Rollin
  • 8. Sunbathing Animal
  • 9. Up All Night
  • 10. Instant Disassembly
  • 11. Duckin And Dodgin
  • 12. Raw Milk
  • 13. Into The Garden

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