There's something incredibly intriguing about London producer Peh Per Ghost. Maybe it's his entrancing ambient sound that drifts effortlessly between woozy R&B and minimal house music; or perhaps his bizarre name; or his introspective raison d'être, "I live in an age where I can immerse myself in sounds and ideas from anywhere and everywhere. I exist everywhere and nowhere at the same time...I live in 2014. I am a ghost. This is about you."

Whatever it may be, I can't get enough of it. Peh Per Ghost teases with soft-sung bitter-sweet melodies and effected drum loops which he smothers in a cloud of lush reverb and often-uncomfortable drones - while it may not be the most easy of listens, it is utterly addictive.

Tin Can Calm is released on Peh Per Ghost's forthcoming EP 'Peep Holes' via 405 favourite's Five Easy Pieces on 10th February 2014

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