People of the North release their third album, Sub Contra next Tuesday (11th June) and The 405 have an exclusive stream ahead of the release.

The duo - Kid Millions and Bobby Matador of the Brooklyn noise rock band Oneida - have also joined forces with their other Oneida band mates, Shahin Motia and Barry London, who feature on the five-track offering. Only five tracks you say? 'Osage Orange' comes in just over 14 minutes, 'Drama Class' is well over 9 minutes and 'Coal Baron' is well over 8. While counterparts 'Sub Contra 1' and 'Sub Contra 2' are sandwiched in the middle at a more "normal length". So there you have it.

It's an absorbing record with blips of rugged high energy over clattering drums and grand synths, contrasted with the quieter parts that at more than capable of sending you into an unhealthy trance. Listen below.

The album is out now, and thus the stream is over.