To many, Elysium was a bit for a farewell. Pet Shop Boys appeared to be lost in a quickly changing world of music and this was how they were going to bow out. But not ones to go out with more of a whimper, PSB have returned less than a year after their last album with Electric - an album chock full of strobes, hands in the air, shake it all about bangers. It puts PSB back at the centre of the dancefloor, where they belong, not stuck at the side looking in as on Elysium.

Maybe the separation from Parlophone, making it their first album without their influence allowing the guys to really go to town here, has done them some good because here we have the first truly great Pet Shop Boys album probably since 1993's Very.

We've already aired our thoughts about the album so why not have a listen yourself and see what you think? Have some glowsticks and a dark room to hand though, because you are going to want to dance.