Over the years Peter Broderick has been asked to arrange music for a wide range of scenarios, "Ever since I started releasing records in 2007, people have contacted me periodically to ask if I'd be interested in making music to accompany their projects. Most of these projects have been things like films, dance pieces and theatre plays... but every so often I get the odd request for something a little different. Peter, would you write a song for my wedding? My one year anniversary? A ferry boat ride?"

His latest album, All Together Again, collects several of those commissioned compositions together. The record also sees Broderick returning to his earlier approach of recording and playing all the instruments himself. His D.I.Y. ethos not stopping there with Broderick also creating the album artwork himself by cutting and sticking coloured paper fragments to depict the individuality of each track.

Single 'Robbie's song' was originally written for a film early on in Broderick's career. "This track is from another project that didn't quite work out as I had thought it would," he recalls. "In 2008 I was asked to create the soundtrack for an Irish film. I met with the director several times, and even flew to Ireland at one point to take part in a scene... the director had written me into the script in a scene in which I was to be a choir teacher! This song in particular was written for a scene of a young, angsty boy named Robbie who was listening to music on his headphones in his room. The director talked about Mogwai as a reference point. And since I was a big fan of Mogwai as a teenager, I had a blast creating something that to me fit in the same sonic world. Anyhow, this whole film project turned into quite the disaster, and the director ended up being kicked out by the producers, who then finished the film, also deciding to hire a new composer! In my mind, and most likely the director's mind as well, this film never really got finished, and became something else entirely in the end."

All Together Again is available on 17th November 2017 via Erased Tapes.