Philadelphia producer, singer, and neuroscience student Arielle Herman aka QUALIATIK has revealed a brand new track, 'Physicality'. It's full of swathes of nebulous synth, an abrasive beat - gradually more ornamented before tipping over the edge into frenzied double-time - and breathless far-off vocals from Herman herself singing reflective lines like, "what about the dreams we had / what about the worlds we’d escape to," in an overall fog of cyclical thought and intellectual urgency.

Speaking to the FADER, she asked further questions - all related to the purpose of music:

"Is music a way to avoid depression, practicality, boredom? Does the need to be creative come from a place of delusion or is it possible to make your passion into your life?"

Very good questions. And there'll be more where that came from early next year, when a QUALIATIK EP will be arriving.

Check out our interview with QUALIATIK.