Somehow it's Friday, but that's more than ok. I hope everyone's doing well. I'm here to share this mental track from enigmatic musicmaker popcorn_10 – if that is his/her real name. They make a lot of nice music (just check out their most recent, um, release, called sunvox, for example), but what struck me most – like, literally struck me, floored me, and at the same time infected me with a touch of hyperness, so much so that I felt like running around and being silly (but really I couldn't be bothered) – was a track called 'hunniez'.

Cutting up drums with surgical precision, placing them in astoundingly arrhythmic yet easily recognisable orders, popcorn_10 goes to work on these sounds. Your ears judder with the bass, recoil and relax with the wide waves of synth, lounge chords giving this a real laid-backness even though it's decidedly energetic; melodies spiral spasmodically, some sharp, some soft. And the way it moves from relatively sparse to a bustling feast of delectable sounds towards the end, this wonderful shift from outlined to coloured in, shaded, is beautiful: it's a REAL JOY to go on this journey! JOIN IN!

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