In celebration of the first ever annual Blakfish Day - and to coincide with the third anniversary of the release of their truly incredible debut album Champions - for one day only you can listen to the band's last ever recorded content in the form of unreleased demos for their second album courtesy of our friends over at Musical Mathematics.

The tracks are only avaliable to stream online today (August 24th 2012).

"A few years ago we wrote a bunch of songs for what was going to be our second album. Seen as it’s Blakfish day we thought we’d let the internet have them for the day. They are only instrumental live demos, they have their own little imperfections and the odd balls up, but you get the picture. Enjoy!" - Blakfish

With over two years since the band met their untimely demise, today (August 24th) marks the first ever Blakfish Day. Happy Blakfish day everyone!

Blakfish: 2000 - 2010