UK duo Treasureseason offer up their dreamy, pop inclined, slice of retro sounding chillwave influenced contemporary music, 'Puget Sound' up for free download in support of their upcoming 7” vinyl, 'Archipelago/Don't Hold Back' to be released at the end of June.

The song features wistful 80s sounding vocals that float over 808 inspired beats and a strong harmonic bed consisting of airy pads, vinyl hiss and a happy, moogy sounding synth melody that wouldn't have sounded out of place in 1970's prog-rock classic.

The combination of sounds from at least three decades of electronic music gives the track a nostalgic, rose tinted feeling whilst at the same time conjuring up images and sounds that completely fit in with the ocean views and sun-baked vistas of San Francisco, the place that birthed the formation of the band, and the current trends of modern, abstract, synth heavy electronic pop stylings. It's a good listen and definitely worth checking out.