Adventurous and forward-thinking producer Anna Meredith has been steadily crafting deceptively lively works for the better part of four years now. And next year, the composer will finally leave her full-length mark with the upcoming album Varmints.

Initially earning exposure through a composer residency with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Meredith spoke with Crack Magazine on her newest single 'R-Type'. "With R-Type I was trying to write something punchy, driving and raw, that flips between the relentless rising scale figure you hear being hammered out on guitars, cello and clarinet to great rolling synth lines with a sense of shape and build," she says. "Incidentally, it took me about 500 takes to get that clarinet line right, clearly not quite got the chops I once had. I love playing this track live too and consider it a bit of a failure if the entire band aren’t drenched in sweat by the end."

On the album itself, Meredith continued, "Pacing is a physical thing. I can feel when stuff has to happen in a track. I knew I wanted Varmints to end privately but start confidently, have moments of privacy and moments of power and build. I love writing a build - my friends talk about ‘the Meredith Build’! I love the feeling of ‘get on board, we’re building up now!’ Even if you’re dancing at a club, there’s an amazing transparency to a build. When somebody is creating anticipation, it’s a very communal experience and I don’t like hiding those structures."

Listen to 'R-Type' and check out the Varmints tracklist below, which arrives March 4th next year via Moshi Moshi. Pre-order the album today on iTunes and receive a free instant download of 'R-Type'.

  • 01. Nautilus
  • 02. Taken
  • 03. Scrimshaw
  • 04. Something Helpful
  • 05. R-Type
  • 06. Dowager
  • 07. The Vapours
  • 08. Honeyed Words
  • 09. Last Rose
  • 10. Shill
  • 11. Blackfriars