Be prepared to be blown away. New York newcomer Raveena presents her debut single 'You Give Me That', and it's one hell of an introduction. Produced by Everett Orr, there's a range of musical influences from smoky jazz to sensual soul while the self-labelled old school romantic/"gen y lover" blissfully glides through the bass and delicate keys with her heaven-sent vocal. This is the stuff summer evenings in New York were made for.

Speaking to The FADER, who originally debut the track, Raveena said; "This song also came out so effortlessly for my producer and me. I think we were finally really in the groove together as artists and comfortable together as people when we made it, and we started to solidify this dreamy, lush sound together through the making of this song. The lyrics I wrote are about submission, perhaps not even in a sexual sense, but completely losing yourself in something sensual and human with no care for anything else you have to do that day."

'You Give Me That' is available to buy/stream to your hearts content right now and if you've got any emotion left in you, you'll surely buy it. It's out via London-based label, Limited Health.