Here's a literal odyssey of music courtesy of "multi-format, multi-genre musician and producer" Recycle Culture. Yes, this is really 18 minutes long, and yes: it's well worth a listen. 'Drown Me Up' goes through different stages, beginning with this kind of tick-tock ambience with some far-off bass, through a slow uplift of emotion into a lush forest of noise – waterfalls of percussion, blue-sky string-sounds – into a post-euphoric cycle of robust drums and sparkling synth positivity.

All the while, it is beautifully textured, gorgeously atmospheric, and so bristling with noises that you're ever-alert to the next change in theme and dynamic. Don't expect any constant groove or overriding beat – this is not so conventional; it's a storybook of sound.

Of course, you'll have to listen to it yourself. Look out the window (or similar daydreaming action) and accompany yourself with a snack and your favourite hot / cold beverage.

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