London-based Rina Sawayama, who came to prominence earlier this year with her track 'Sleeping In Waking', makes dark pop with heavy beats and powerful vocals; music that could harmonise pop-and-crisps school discos, Dalston nightclubs and everything in between.

Sawayama says Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, Timberland, and the J-Pop from the early years she spent growing up in Japan, as major influences, and this poppier side to her repertoire is certainly present on new B-side 'Who'.

Sawayama's latest offering, available to stream below, is a multifaceted and catchy two-and-half minute pearl, which grows with each listen and could easily be a single in its own right.

'Who' is the B-side to 'Sleeping In Waking', which is released on iTunes on Monday through Make Mine Records.