Erased Tapes (swoon) have built themselves a hugely well-founded reputation for providing a contemporary edge to classical music, immersing the genre in something of a pop aesthetic and more frequently these days with electronic sounds.

Rival Consoles is the fully fleshed-out arm of this idea - eschewing the more organic stylings of classical-laptop composers such as Ólafur Arnalds, for a sound that owes much to IDM and glitch. However, this being Erased Tapes there is still a warm, organic approach to the work of Ryan Lee West (the real name) - utilising analogue equipment and stripping back the fat to create elegant, minimal and soulful slices of electronica. Check out the recent Odyssey EP for evidence of this.

We asked the London-based producer to create a Plastic Platform mix for us to get more of a sense of where he's coming from; and in this 40+ minute journey of rich ambient soundscapes we're treated to some of our favourite artists of recent times. Download below and enjoy.

"I wanted to do a mix that represented my taste for diverse sounds. I'm not a fan of sets which are just one tempo throughout.... because whilst it is very functional, it is tiring to listen to. The brain likes variation, and tempo isn't an exception....

So the mix travels from Brandt Brauer Frick's acoustic minimal techno through to the howling, almost arpeggiator madness of Colin Stetson's Judges, to the noisey and fragmented lullaby of Opiate and finally to end the journey is Tim Hecker's rich approach to soundscape.

The through line for me is the ebb and flow of what the ear wants."

  • Brandt Brauer Frick – Mi Corazon
  • Kelpe – Answered
  • Colin Stetson – Judges (ft. Justin Vernon)
  • Julien Mier – Watercolour Sky
  • Bibio – Artist’s Valley
  • Opiate – Amstel
  • Four Tet – Parallel Jalebi
  • Nathan Fake – The Sky Was Pink (Icelandic Version)
  • Nils Frahm – Peter (Clark Remix)
  • Colin Stetson – And In Truth
  • James Holden – The Caterpilla’s Intervention
  • Tim Hecker – Virginal I