"Stardust Birthday Party is about human evolution. Specifically, one humans evolution: mine, Ron Gallo. That’s the name my parents gave me. Hi."

Thus begins Ron Gallo's introductory essay to his second full-length album. It's one of many wordy missives that the young garage rocker has penned over the last couple of years in his desire to be open, honest and connected with his audience. He has a desire to better himself, and to encourage those around him to see the world in more positive and loving lights. This is what resounds from the 13 tracks that make up Stardust Birthday Party, where he condenses his prosaic ideas down into a series of short, sharp and utterly charming rock blasts.

We've already expressed our love of the philosophical rock of 'It's All Gonna Be OK', the mindful jam 'Always Elsewhere' and the self-reflective 'Do You Love Your Company?' - but there's plenty more beyond that. From the twanging and accusatory '"You" Are The Problem', to the disco-fied communal ardour of 'Love Supereme (Work Together)', and right up to the thankful and life-affirming finale of 'Happy Deathday', Ron Gallo has stuffed this 35 minutes with morals, philosophy, love, and most of all rip-roaring guitar pop songs.

We'll leave it to the man himself to give you the final words of introduction before you listen:

"Stardust Birthday Party is about what is happening underneath all of this life stuff. My path inward. The details of my path are pointless because everyone’s path is different. It is about me sitting with myself for the first time and confronting the big question “WHAT AM I, REALLY?” It’s about the love and compassion for all things that enters when you find out you are nothing and everything. I think at one point I wanted to change the world, but now I know I can only change myself, or rather just strip away everything that is not me to reveal the only thing that’s ever been there. And that’s what this album is about, it’s me dancing while destroying the person I thought I was, and hopefully forever."

Ron Gallo's Stardust Birthday Party is officially out tomorrow on New West Records. He's touring around the States through November - dates and ticket info here.

And we're sure Ron would love if you'd connect with him and tell him what you think of Stardust Birthday Party on social media - find him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.