Despite this being her debut release, Ireland born, Los Angeles raised singer/songwriter Ruth-Anne Cunningham, aka Rooty, already has millions of record sales under her belt as a songwriter for the big dogs. She's crafted songs for the likes of Britney Spears, One Direction, comeback kid JoJo and worked with world renowned producers such as RedOne, Paul Epworth, J. R. Rotem, Naughty Boy and many, many more


As impressive a CV this is, all the above doesn't really matter as a solo artist if the music isn't up to scratch and fortunately for Rooty, it is. Her debut solo single entitled 'When You Make Love Your Everything' isn't the big pop number you'd expect from Britney or anyone else she may have written for. In fact, it might be a polar opposite to anything you may have expected. The production (courtesy of Afterhrs), much like the accompanying black & white clip (directed by Beyonce's in-house photographer Robin Harper) is simplistic in its approach, but its power comes from within Rooty's guttural vocal delivery and beautiful, heartfelt lyrics. "The song is about my how my best friend broke my heart," she told us via email. "I had given the relationship everything, maybe a little too much. I just want it to serve as warning to not give up your life for love."

Its smoky, jazz-flavoured aura makes for the perfect setting and launchpad for Rooty, who seemed to agree when we asked where she felt it would sound best. "Definitely a smoky Jazz Club in the middle of nowhere in New Orleans. With an 8-piece band and some crazy backing vocalists. The acoustics would sound so great in there." Expect much more from Rooty in the months and year ahead...