Last year pop duo Electric Guest, featuring drummer Matthew Compton and vocalist/songwriter/instrumentalist Asa Taccone, gave us their debut album Mondo, a poppy collection of tracks nearly six years in the making. Now Electric Guest are readying a new single from Mondo, the soulful and sixties pop infused hit, 'This Head I Hold'.

In addition to the upcoming single, Electric Guest have tapped Planet Mu's Rudi Zygadlo to fashion a remix of the track and it is stellar as well. With Zygadlo at the helm, the track’s sensibilities travels thirty years into the future. Zygadlo lets the synths rip and transforms 'This Head I Hold' into a danceable and irresistible slice of electro-pop. This is what remixes are supposed to be.

The single for 'This Head I Hold' will be available May 27 (pre-order here), with the Zygadlo remix and another from Nu:Logic as well. Mondo is available now, with the Deluxe Edition arriving on May 27th (pre-order here)

Watch the video for the single: