Glaswegian producer Rudi Zygadlo seems effortless in his genre-hopping treks. His newest single 'Lily', produced by Tim Goldsworthy (better known as the joint-owner alongside James Murphy of New York City's celebrated DFA records) and Bruno Ellington, finds the same triumphant attempt Zygadlo aimed for in his previous LPs.

The producers mash textual waves in 'Lily', matching Zygadlo's airy vocal stirs. "And the heat of it all/and the heat of it all" he echoes, trading pace in the collective progression of the track. It's a confounding move that seems impossible to replicate, fluttering in the constant flux of the track's movement. How Zygadlo sticks with the movement is a marvel in its own. And how the track actual comes out positively endearing is another.

'Lily' will come from Zygadlo's upcoming LP, which will be self-released sometime early in 2015. Until then, stream the new track below.