Just a year ago, whenever Montreal producer Ryan Hemsworth debuted a track is was as much appreciated as it was expected. It seemed there wasn't a week or two that went by without some new surprise remix or EP from the exploding producer, so maybe we didn't cherish it enough.

While he hasn't "slowed down" quite so much, the efforts from Hemsworth have become slightly more scarce in 2014. So his new track with Japanese artist Qrion was a bit refreshing. For a split second, Hemsworth seemed to be out of the spotlight and everyone missed it.

Much like his previous efforts, 'Every Square Inch' is a vacuum of romantic bedroom production and supreme world vision. The hypnotic vocal sampling is immensely cheery and warm, but Hemsworth maintains that the track is "not about kissing or anything like that."

Stream 'Every Square Inch' below.