It's not too often one mentions all-world sounds and a didgeridoo in the same sentence as Baltimore. But, there's a first time for everything.

Rye Rye's newest effort 'Keep Up' combines the two seemingly opposite worlds, thanks to some heady production help from UK producer Bullion. Fans may be familiar with Baltimore native Rye Rye's previous work alongside well-established acts like Diplo, Robyn, Toddla T, and M.I.A., whom Rye Rye appeared with in the video for 'Paper Planes'.

The release comes from Kick + Clap Records, founded by Django Django member Dave Maclean. On the newest work, Maclean states; "I found an old MP3 player when I was back at my folks' house, in with a load of my old stuff, and it had this weird track on it... a dancehall rhythm made with a didgeridoo sample. It was labeled 'Bum Spider' and I tried for ages to google it and couldn't find anything (googling 'bum spider' brought some strange results) so I put a tweet out describing it but... nothing. Then my manager, who knows the producer Bullion, told me it was by him and that he must have sent it to me ages ago! Anyway, I called Bullion up and said I had to release this track because I'd become obsessed with it. Rye Rye came to mind immediately for a top line so I got in touch and she loved the track so got on it and came back with 'Keep Up'."

Listen to 'Keep Up' below and order the 'Keep Up'/'Did You Read U' 12" here, via Kick + Clap.