Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Sabrina Claudio might be familiar with some thanks to her impressive YouTube covers. Now, it's her original music that's taking focus with the release of her Confidently Lost EP, which she quietly released to SoundCloud this past weekend.

Collectively, it's an assortment of R&B-tingled tracks that successfully combine electronic production with live instrumentation for an impressive and exciting debut that's reminiscent of the sounds of early millennia hitmaker Stacie Orrico. In reality, we probably could have picked any track from the EP as our 'Track of The Day', but 'Orion's Belt' stood out just a little more than the rest with its icy, ethereal production and Claudio's sweetly coos over said production. It's quite the magical match if you ask me.

Listen to 'Orion's Belt' below and be sure to check out the rest of the Confidently Lost EP, which is streaming in full via SoundCloud.