One of our favourite producers of the moment is the young and beautiful Saint Pepsi, a Long Island native who came out of the vaporwave scene with a penchant for disco and soul and funk, making the oft-cited "future" variety of the latter. He's good, you'll like his music – he recently started singing on tracks, lending his perfect pop-punk voice to funky and ridiculously feel-good compositions. Check out the instantly likeable 'Fiona Coyne'.

What caught my attention over the weekend was an edit he did of Drake's rather popular 'Worst Behaviour', so here it is our Track of the Day today. What better way to usher in the week than this horn-heavy beat-tastic bass-tasm of a disco flip, pushing the original into a reckless rollicking party atmosphere metamorphosis. Goes well with dancing and cocktails.

Umm you should also go listen to his Gin City EP cause that was really really cool.