Today we're very happy to be premiering a new surprise remix from our favourite Long Island-based internet heartthrob producer, Saint Pepsi. What has he remixed? Well it's something by Owlle – a French artist whose music is a fine-art-inspired parade of retro yet futuristic synthpop; the song is called 'Don't Lose It' and in its original form is a nocturnal, 80s flavoured piece of pop, as dark as it is danceable.

However, Saint Pepsi – whilst keeping the original heart of the song – has given it entirely new surroundings, draping it now with a distinctly garage feel. "Basically I wanted to like completely deconstruct the song," he told me, also sharing his desire to create a "rainy dance track." And that's pretty much how it sounds. With all its garage trappings – the wildly skittering beat, bass pulses, synth melody, chopped up vocals – it does indeed conjure an urban downpour, something as hard-edged as it is smartly beautiful. It's wonderful when a remix sounds as different as this one: essentially it means a whole new song, which is what Saint Pepsi has created here.

'Don't Lose It' (itself released as a single with remixes including this one on 20th January) comes from Owlle's upcoming debut album, released 20th January (FR) / 17th March (UK) via Jive Epic.

Listen to the original: