Yumi Zouma's debut single 'The Brae' was so dreamy and warm it felt incredibly easy to just drift off to sleep in its cosy embrace, It sent the blogs into a real tizzy, and rightly so; it felt exactly how The Radio Dept would sound if they upped sticks from chilly Scandinavia to the warmer climes of Australasia.

A mere week after 'The Brae', these New Zealanders are back with 'Salka Gets Her Hopes Up', the second single from their upcoming EP. Whereas 'The Brae' felt like a big, warm hug of a track, 'Salka Gets Her Hopes Up' has a much funkier edge to it, with catchy bass lines, smooth pop synths, and those light gliding vocals that made 'The Brae' so special. As the sun sets over a hazy summer's day while you drive home with the top down, sand everywhere, preparing to hit the nearest bar for something cool and refreshing, 'Salka Gets Her Hopes Up' is exactly what will be playing on repeat the entire journey and you'll be in bliss.

We recommend checking out 'The Brae' too. It's stunning.