'Salt', the third release from Los Angeles musician B. Miles, fits comfortably in a continuous stream, bred by the rising hype she's received leading to the release of her twenty fifteen EP.

"When we were recording 'Salt' in New York City. I began getting really homesick for L.A., and as a result, I really wanted this song to remind me of home," B. Miles explains. On top of that, I had these second degree burns all over my arms and hands at the time. Lyrically, I just imagined salt being poured into the wounds."

With the help of co-writer Eric Nizgretsky of Loose Buttons, B. Miles bridges the sultry, late-night ethos of her pop punch with damningly endearing rhythms that shockingly isn't used in any cologne commercial (yet).

Listen to 'Salt' and the previously released tracks 'Nine Matches' and 'Shaking Hands' below and look out for the twenty fifteen EP, coming soon.