Sam Levin is a fifteen-year-old self-made and self-produced multi-instrumentalist. He began making music at the tender age of five after pointing to a Fender Mini-Strat in a gear shop and saying, "I want to do that!"

At only twelve years old, Sam released his debut EP titled I'm In Here. Fast-forward three years later, Sam brings forth his first full-length album, Frame of Mind. According to Sam, "Frame of Mind is really about the last year-and-a-half of my life." The record is about choices, changes, reflection, joy and how music fits into all of that. Sam's talent is highlighted by the fact that he played practically every instrument on the album. Frame of Mind is for fans of The Head and the Heart, Kings of Leon, The Lumineers, Imagine Dragons, Bon Iver, Bahamas and Jose Gonzales.

A particular standout track on the record is the single titled 'Everything's Okay', a catchy optimistic track layered with yearning harmonies and tightly looped synth tracks. 'Everything's Okay' opens with the song's signature muted guitar picking backed by sweeping strings. Enveloped in a potentially intentional lo-fi aesthetic, 'Everything's Okay' is a reassuring song that deals with accidental collisions and everyday trials and tribulations.

The song boasts intricate instrumental layering and wide tonal variety. The track unfolds in a cyclical manner with steady guitar, synthesizer and drum patterns that act as glue to bond the parts together. Sam's vocals whine with nostalgia and longing overtop of multiple unedited throwback synth patches. Brief instrumental interludes provide encouraging relief to Sam's teary singing style. The track is complete with a memorable radio-friendly hook, instrumental sections and charming bells.

The visuals unravel in a slice of life format in New York City as two separate stories merge together - Sam is on his journey to go busking in Times Square, but things take a turn when a new plot line develops. Although the title is excessively optimistic, the video cries of loneliness. The feeling of loneliness is only amplified by the fact that Sam is surrounded by hundreds of bustling people who ignore him. On a brighter note, the female character in the music video brings optimism and hope for happiness. Cleverly, at the halfway point in the video, Sam essentially breaks the fourth wall between himself and the female character by acknowledging her actions, although they are not physically together. As she puts in headphones to get ready for a stroll, Sam asks, "How's the music that you're listening to? Did you know it does a lot for you?" Furthermore, a complex atmosphere is created in the video thanks to the juxtaposition between the rambunctious concrete jungle and the solemn weepy melodies.

As a part of the record, 'Everything's Okay' is a catchy, lazy-day tune. But as a whole, Frame of Mind is an easily relatable and promising work from this young talent. Take a first look at the video, below: