With only a few days to go before the biggest event in all of human existence, the 2014 World Cup, we get another Pepsi-sponsored track - this time from Santigold.

Previously, the event co-sponsored tracks from Lily Allen (although "unofficial") and Janelle Monae, among others. And if the swirling frustration that is FIFA hasn't dissuaded you from the majestry of the event, then Santigold's new 'Kicking Down Doors' should come off pretty well.

Producer Yogi hurls some high-energy beats on the track, which finds Santigold bouncing between EDM flair and world-fusion inspired progressions. Where the track actually links itself to the game isn't terribly clear, but the track by itself is an easy banger.

Stream 'Kicking Down Doors' over at Soundcloud and order the track on iTunes.

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