'If My Baby', the newest song from Gothenberg-based Linn Osterberg aka Sea Lion is a tract of tragedy told in warm tones and aching fragile guitar parts, tranquil but full of turmoil. Described by herself as "a sort of low key pop song," it feels so much more than that: drums thump in the background, barely heard like one's own heartbeat during a heated moment of life change or poignant realisation; her voice lingers on each word before it is sweetly yet sadly exhaled into the whispering mist of music. It makes for an emotive, stop-what-you're-doing moment.

Explaining the feelings behind the song, Osterberg said this:

"It's about love that is not unrequited but still feels like it, about unrealistic expectations and not knowing where to draw the line between dreaming and living ordinary life. It's a song for everybody that has ever left a relationship being more in love than ever."

'If My Baby', following previously shared 'Ghostlands', is taken from Sea Lion's debut album Desolate Stars, out 28th August. You can pre-order it on iTunes if you so wish.