San Francisco based shoegaze duo Seatraffic have given us an exclusive look at the title track from their new album Beauty in the Night. The record drops today (grab it here), and was recorded at Different Fur Studios with Nic Pope. Much like the fog San Francisco is known for, the song lingers somewhere between anthemic, noisy post-punk and the dreamiest of dream-pop, giving it a hazy glow that's nothing short of beautiful. Vocalist Mark Zannad gave us an eloquent statement about what the track and the album means to him, which you can read below:

"When is the right time for a band to make a full length? For us it took three years. After releasing an EP and a handful of singles, people kept asking when the full length was coming. Honestly we had never even thought about releasing an LP before that. Sometimes I think that albums are becoming a thing of the past, it seems that today the internet is only interested in consuming "hits."

Beauty in the Night was made for the small population of people in the world who have deeply connected with our music. It's for the people who have reached out to me in someway to let me know that Seatraffic means something to them. I wanted to give those folks a body of work they could listen to as a whole. My favorite artists have had a profound effect on my life and if I am able to give somebody even a small fraction of that than I will consider this record a success.

There are many themes to the record, but I think the most important one comes from the title track "Beauty in the Night." This song is about self realization and understanding your position in life. It's so easy to lose sight of why you started something, and I think it's really important to stop every once in a while and reassess what you are doing and how you got there. I don't want to tell people how to live there lives, but I do want people to stop and think about how beautiful life is. A simple song with a simple message, stop for a second and appreciate your life for whatever it is worth."