In the latest from Dramatic Records' perplexing roster of sonic explorers, Italian synth guru Sebastian Palomar has produced a follow up to 2013's The Physical and Emotional Benefits of Swimming. The album, which combined sleek jacuzzi psych with Seb's own bizarre brand of swim-therapy, came in the form of an aquamarine self-help pamphlet, and left several of London's hipster swim hangouts suffering from 'major beard-blockage issues'.

Palomar's new EP, Invent Your Universe, is a paean to his spiritual forebear, the resonant galactico Carl Sagan. The astonishing whirlpool pop of 'Laughing at Columbus' sees Seb climb from the bath and into the ocean, submerging himself fathoms deep. We can't wait to hear the rest. Invent Your Universe is released soon on Dramatic Records.

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