Enjoy this exclusive Bowerbirds track, cut from the You Be My Heart compilation, which is to be released in aid of 826 National. The San Francisco based non-profit is, in its own words, dedicated to offering "a variety of inventive programs that provide under-resourced students, ages 6-18, with opportunities to explore their creativity and improve their writing skills."

Which is, I'm pretty sure we all agree, a righteous cause. We all need a creative outlet to help us deal with this shitty-odds-stacked-against-us world. So we should support causes like this whenever we can. So that we can at least say that we helped the world to be a little less shitty.

That means you should buy it on December 9th when it's released.

It's a pretty simple equation. You get to buy some good music. They get to use your money to provide the resources and the space for kids to be creative. Which will make the whole world look different for them. Pretty simple maths right?

All the songs on the compilation were written by Musician, Filmmaker and 826 National volunteer, Devon Reed. Who then let the bands choose and develop the songs they would like to record. You know they must be pretty good songs because he's roped in the likes of Maps and Atlases, The Spinto Band, Horse Feathers and a ton more to support the cause.

Here's what Phil Moore from Bowerbirds had to say about the track 'Seven Wonders':

"When I was asked to participate in this project I was taken by the songs that Devon had written. They came intentionally stripped down for the musicians to work on and focus on the lyrics. I was struck by the first line of Seven Wonders immediately. It's a perfectly clever and touching line and hooked me into this project.

"There is much less emphasis placed on lyrics in music these days than there has been in the past. But most of the music that I grew up with was of that vein, and so I hold dearly those songs that have a poetic grace about them - Bob Dylan's music, Simon and Garfunkel's, Nick Drake's. I have always been fascinated by poetry, but never thought of myself as more than just a fumbling lyricist with bad penmanship and horrid spelling. It took me several years to overcome my own hang-ups with writing. I was in college about to major in biology and just as an experiment I took a few non-fiction creative writing courses. Then I took another. And another. I had great teachers that helped me to start thinking of myself as a writer. It was a very empowering turn of events in my life that I would wish upon anyone."

Listen for yourself:

You can find out more about the compilation, due for release on December 9th, by visiting youbemyheart.com.