When it comes to delivering post-punk, the expectation is for it to be menacing, jarring and bleak. LA's Sextile, provide this and more. 'Cant Take It' is a 3-minute synthesis of ambient synths, bestial drums and guttural guitar under the influence of occultism.

As vocalist Brady Keehn seethes "I can't take it," there's a sense of cathartic release confined not only to lyricism but through its primal and aggressive quality. The track's glacial industrialism is harsh, abrasive and relentless.

'Can't Take It' is a force of catharsis and frustration fused together into a pastiche to the five-piece's post-punk predecessors.

This track can be found on debut record A Thousand Hands - to be released on August 21st via Felte and streamed below.