A week after Adult Jazz revealed the video for 'Am Gone', the beloved Shabazz Palaces debuted their take on another album standout in 'Springful'.

The LP's initial single capitulated what's oh-so engaging about Gist Is; the off-kilter compositions, out-of-nowhere vocals, and pristine instrumental perfectionism, rolled into a charismatic pop offering that peaks years ahead of its possible time. But since Adult Jazz surrounds itself with such advanced elements, a dubious remix from the likes of Shabazz Palaces is dutifully fitting.

Ishmael Butler and Tendai "Baba" Maraire warp the already modern offering into an even more naturalistic rush, adding multitudes of spacey textures and minimalist beats. The two sides coming together, however, isn't as much of a surprise considering the previous connection both made years prior. Adult Jazz frontman Harry Burgess notes, "Shabazz Palaces had us at dancing around with giant maracas at Brudenell Social Club in Leeds in 2012. We’ve been massive fans since Black Up, so a remix from them felt really special."

Listen to the splendid take below. Adult Jazz's Gist Is can be had now on iTunes, via Rough Trade/Spare Thought Records. Shabazz Palaces' August LP Lese Majesty is also out now.

Adult Jazz will be performing on The 405's stage at next month's Iceland Airwaves festival.