You ready for some day trippin'?

The 405 is here with a premiere that will brighten up your day, courtesy of Shadowgraphs. At its core, the band is Bryan Olson (an internationally known collage artist) and Charles "Wils" Glade. The duo were introduced by a mutual friend who could tell by their respective tastes in music that they were meant to be. After late night jams and runs at songwriting, Shadowgraphs was born. They released their first EP, Return to Zero, after only four months (that's when they rounded out their line-up with bassist Ethan Ricks and drummer Cody Hare.)

In anticipation of their upcoming LP, Venomous Blossoms, the 405 has the premiere of their latest single, 'Countryside'. It sounds how old vinyl sleeves smell. It warms you and gives you the urge to imagine back then in relation to the present, not necessarily thrusting you into the past.

It's '60s psych pop being explored by modern artists who want to experience what the revolution was really all about. And part of that was explored on their last EP, Midnight Tea, which had a Syd-era Pink Floyd cover, as well as a Kinks one.

So, get up from your desk, grab your headphones, and take a walk around the business park as you listen to the premiere of Shadowgraphs' 'Countryside'. Soak in the flittering guitars, beautiful drum fills, and pulsing bass. Don't hold back that smile as you take in some fresh air with a fresh tune.

You can preorder the vinyl of Shadowgraphs' upcoming LP, Venomous Blossoms, here.