Shelf Nunny's debut EP Dream Album often times feels like you're listening to an early Four Tet record, with swirling clicks, intermittent, often dislocated, samples, and the trip-hop vibe which went on to shape the careers of the likes of Bonobo. Take, for instance, first track 'ChewzY' which feels like it could quite easily sit happily in Bonobo's Black Sands. 'I Feel So Good About Myself', which we reviewed a few months ago, uses the same style of guitar samples, gently played then slowly layered on top of one another rather skittishly, that made James Yuill's debut album so exciting. 'Cause I Had Time' feels like exactly the kind of track that would be played at 5am during a warehouse rave; echoey and blissful but slightly haunting. The hugely distorted vocals help to cement this eerie yet danceable feeling.

By the time you hit 'Renee Graziano' (we can assume he is a big fan of Mob Wives), which sees Nunny collaborating with Holm once again after their excellent 'Wave of Phases' earlier in the year, it all begins to feel a bit 'one-level'. This track does see some Purity Ring-esque vocal samples, but gone is the exciting rises and swells that made 'Wave of Phases' so interesting. And the same occurs throughout the whole EP. Beyond the first two tracks, everything else seems to bleed into one. 'Wave of Phases' ended with an explosive finale which felt like it was the cathartic release for a track that, previously, had just been bubbling under the surface. Here, however, everything seems to be gasping for air but doesn't get that release. Even final track 'I Finally Made It' just seems to fizzle out.

That's not to take away from the overall value of the production which, across the board, is excellent; references to early Four Tet and plenty of artists on Ninja Tune are not to be taken lightly because Shelf Nunny could quite easily sit alongside Bonobo and Amon Tobin on Ninja Tune's books in those regards. The problem is it just feels too comfortable with itself. It isn't risky enough and sometimes feels like it's dictated by its influences rather than spreading its wings and marking its own path. For a debut EP, however, 'Dream Album' is a fantastic start for Shelf Nunny who, with a bit more risk taking, could really make it big in the future.