The sound of summer… What is the sound of summer? Is it in nature and everyday living, like hearing birds singing and children playing, glasses clinking with ice and barbecues sizzling? For some: yes. For others: no. Because, you see, songs like this one exist and we can fill our aural bellies with them all summer long, from the first cool sunset to the last balmy evening, an auxiliary to our memories of fun.

With its satisfying rasp of saxophone, silvery slivers of flute and the virtuosic voice of Singaporean singer Linying, 'Shine' is brimming with beautiful accoutrements. From German producer Felix Jaehn – also featuring the talents of Freddy Verano – it's house that's sunny and warm, summoning beach resorts with its palm-muted funk guitar. It feels organic, real, like a polished vintage car, and as such feels like the perfect antidote to the potential menace of EDM saturation this summer.

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