cyberCHUMP is the "electro-organic" duo of Jim Skeel and Mark G.E. As you would expect from that description, the two employ both traditionally played instruments as well as computers to craft their mood pieces.

cyberCHUMP have shared two tracks from their upcoming release, Flutter and Flow, the title track, and 'Sighs of Life', they created using an intricate process. A technician in the ChumpLAB used software to stretch each file to a running time of thirty minutes, searching for an optimal "sweet spot". From there the tracks were edited to conform to a typical pop song length with live musicians adding additional arrangements in "jam sessions". It all sounds so disciplined and cold, but the resulting samples are fairly engaging. 'Flutter and Flow' springs to life with a fat bass line high in the mix and swelling chords flowing in and out of the song. 'Sighs of Life' is the more electronic of these two. Rustling sounds and shimmering washes of sounds create a tension filled soundscape soon joined by a solo effects laden guitar.

cyberCHUMP's newest release, Flutter and Flow, is available via their Bandcamp.